Affirmations List 2014


The time for making those resolutions again….for most of us it’s the same ones over and over again.

1.  Lose weight

2.  Stop smoking, drinking, or other drug

3.  Spend less than I earn

It’s always the same or close to it.  Why not make an “Affirmations List” each year? It would sound a whole lot better and instantly change your “I have to thinking” to “I can do this.”

2014 Affirmations List

1.  I  have tons of energy from dancing and eating healthy!

2.  I enjoy an occasional glass of red wine with dinner or with friends as we celebrate our lives!

3.  I earn a great income and budget all my needs so my wants are not neglected!

Sounds much better and more attainable.  I’m done with mine, how’s your new list going?




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